The VWHPSFA committee meets on average twice a term and welcomes new committee members.

Please contact Dave Stemp for details.

Committee for 2019-20

  • Dave Stemp (Hon. President)
  • Roger Bishop (Hon. Vice President)
  • Keith Graham (Hon. Vice President)
  • Jim Finch (Hon. Vice President)
  • George Fleetwood (Hon. Vice President)
  • Malcolm J Fretter (Hon. Vice President)
  • Tim Monk (Chair, Goring)
  • Lee Chaffey (Vice Chair and Welfare Officer, Oratory Prep.)
  • Gavin Jones (Secretary; Whitchurch)
  • Marion Mills (Treasurer, ex Blewbury)
  • Lisa Knight (Sutton Courtenay)
  • Kharis Lavin (Oratory Prep.)
  • Brendan O’Neill (Our Lady’s Abingdon)
  • Janine Suttner (Chilton)
  • Toby West (Dunmore)
  • Marie Wornham (Woodcote)
  • Nick Langley (Webmaster) Co-opted member
  • Lee Chaffey (Team Manager, Oratory Prep) Co-opted member

Committee Dates

  • Further Committee Meetings –
  • Wednesday, 13th November 2019 at Goring Primary School at 5:30pm