ESFA U11 Boys’ 7 a side (E)

The playing times for the games to be played at Stephen Freeman and Ladygrove Park Primary Schools in Didcot on Tuesday 9 October 2012 are below. Please be prompt and could teams arrive already changed.


Please report to Jason Collison at Stephen Freeman and Malcolm Fretter at Ladygrove Park and please park extremely carefully at both venues. 


Do not attempt to park at Stephen Freeman between 3.00 p.m. and 3.15 p.m.. 


Could those teams playing at Ladygrove Park please park at Didcot Town Football Club/The Sports Centre/The Health Centre car park which is across the road? We suggest that you walk across to the school and change into football boots there.


GROUP A (At Stephen Freeman, OX11 7BZ)

Stephen Freeman


Crowmarsh Gifford



GROUP B (At Ladygrove Park, OX11 7GB)

Ladygrove Park





3.45 Stephen F v Blewbury 3.45 Ladygrove Park v Hagbourne

3.57 Chalgrove v Willowcroft

4.05 Blewbury v Crowmarsh 4.09 Goring v Ladygrove Park

4.21 Hagbourne v Chalgrove

4.25 Crowmarsh v Stephen Freeman 4.33 Willowcroft v Goring

4.45 Ladygrove Park v Chalgrove

4.57 Hagbourne v Willowcroft

5.09 Chalgrove v Goring

5.21 Willowcroft v Ladygrove Park

5.33 Goring v Hagbourne


Group winner: Group winner:


FINAL: 6.00 Crowmarsh Gifford


The group winner from Stephen Freeman is to travel to Ladygrove Park for the play-off of the two group winners at 6.00 pm approximately.


Could each team please provide a referee and also a match football?


The winning team from each group will play each other to decide who will qualify for the County Final and the County Secretary will be in touch as soon as possible to give details of the County Final.